The 2nd EA4SD International Symposium, Athens 2021


Dear Colleagues,

​On behalf of the European Association for Sports Dentistry, it is our pleasure and honour to welcome you as a distinguished guests to attend the 2nd EA4SD International Symposium in Athens, Greece, 19-20 November, 2021.

The Symposium will take place at Megaron Athens International Conference Center (MAICC), a unique state of the art Hall, a landmark in the center of Athens, offering the finest facilities, stunning aesthetics and cutting edge technology.

The Symposium is organized together with the 7th ECOSEP International Congress of Sports Medicine. This will give us the chance to better integrate Oral Health and Sports Dentistry into the Sports Medicine field, include Dentistry into the modern interdisciplinary approach of the Athletes’ health. The interaction with international sports physicians and institutions can only be beneficial for promoting the importance and contribution of the Sports Dentist in Sports Medicine.

The Symposium will bring an outstanding group of experts from around the world to provide specific research and knowledge in the field of Sports Science and Dentistry. We are confident that you will find the multidisciplinary academic program both enjoyable and interesting. We will all have the unique opportunity to learn from the latest research and scientific evidence in Sports Dentistry and be introduced in topics such as stomatognathic system, orofacial injuries prevention, posture, neuroscience, women in sports, myoskeletal injuries and return-to-play. A wonderful opportunity to broaden our scientific horizons.

​We also invite you to meet colleagues from around the world. To discover Athens, the birthplace of democracy, the place where the phylosophy, medicine and sciencies were developed centuries ago. Today you can find a blend of creative energy, street art, famous and iconic monuments, museums, luxurious malls, fancy restaurants, the combination of the sea breeze and the sun. Make sure you’ll have enough time to discover Athens!

​The EA4SD welcomes you to this innovating International Symposium. See you in Athens.


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About EA4SD

«The European Association for Sports Dentistry (EA4SD) was founded in Paris, France, by Sports Dentists. Our common ground was our findings that athletes have a neglected and underestimated Oral Health and face a high risk of orofacial injuries due to the sports. We also share the same ideas about the Sports Dentistry development through customized screening and treatment protocols, research, epidemiology and injury prevention. We now have all the necessary scientific evidence available proving that the Oral Health is a major risk factor for athletes’ injuries and it directly influences their overall health and performance. Our goal is to join our experience and ideas in order to define and develop the important relation between the stomatognathic system and the exercised human body just as any other Medical Specialty relates in Sports. Our vision is to make Sports Dentistry be a part of the multidisciplinary Sports Medicine science. Our mission is the promotion of Sports Dentistry and its importance on the general health and performance, at the level of individual athletes and sports organizations (local, national and international) as well as the development of strategies of Oral Health prevention by education and information. During the last years, the EA4SD and its active members are present in major international sports dentistry and medicine conferences around the world and have established an important affiliation with the ECOSEP by creating its sports dentistry committee and then organizing with ECOSEP the 1st International Symposium of sports dentistry in Paris, INSEP. The EA4SD is also officially affiliated with the Academy for Sports Dentistry USA, creating a leading alliance in 2 continents. Members of the EA4SD board have participated as experts in the World Dental Federation (FDI) Sports Dentistry Task team, a project leading to the publishing of the first ever sports dentistry guidelines and toolkit by the FDI addressed to dentists, sports physicians, athletes, medical centers and sports federations around the world. In this way, the oral health of athletes and its impact on their well being, overall health, injury risk and performance became a part of the global agenda. The EA4SD continuously promotes and supports the academic development of this science, the research and the efficient integration into sports medicine. We want all athletes around the world to benefit from the best possible oral health».



Τhe World Dental Federation (FDI) is the international organization that serves as the main representative body for more than 1 million dentists worldwide, active in some 200 National Dental Associations (NDAs)  and specialist groups in close to 130 countries. The FDI has recently recognized the importance of oral health in sports and published the FDI Sports Dentistry Guidelines and Toolkit, introducing this innovation to the Dental, Medical and Sports Community around the world. The EA4SD Symposium will be an opportunity for all attendees to watch how oral health is really related to overall health and well being of the athletes and how we can efficiently integrate sports dentistry into our dental and medical practice.


Important Dates

Congress Dates: 19-20.11.2021

Abstract Submission Deadline: 31.05.2021


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